Importing pesticides can be a challenging process, however, with the right tips, you can go about the process successfully.

As the leading pesticides supplier in China, we know how to help you import agriculture chemicals from China.

It is very important for a pesticides importer to have a clear mind on what is the procedure and what matters should be concerned when imports pesticides from China.

Here are 7 tips for your reference:

1. Identify your import rights.

When you buy goods from foreign sources, you become the importer.

As an importer, you should comply with importing countries’ laws and regulations.

The relevant import and export laws regarding different kinds of goods vary from one country to another.

So it is better for an importer to get information from local government or relevant department or any other reliable websites, etc.

Whether you are qualified to import pesticides from China, what kind of certificates and documents you need to prepare before you import pesticides from China, as well as should you get approval for some kind of special pesticides products which you want to buy.

As we all know that sometimes government procedures are very complicated in China because you have to fill in lots of papers as well as provide many certificates or documents to get approval.

But, you do not need to worry about that, as long as you find the right department and get the right information, you will have a clear idea that what is needed and what is not, which will save your time.

You just need to follow the instruction and everything will be done smoothly.

And there is a video for you:How to get your Pesticide License


2. Identify the goods you want to import.

There are more than 100 pesticides products available.

Pesticides products including insecticidesfungicides(bactericides)herbicides, acaricides, nematicides, rodenticides, defoliant and plant growth regulators and so on.

So you need to know which kind of pesticides do you require.

Even for the same effect, there are lots of different products available in the market.

Some pesticides formulation products are liquid and some of pesticides formulation products are powder.

Therefore before you import your desired pesticides products, you’d better do research on your target products to see whether it is the right pesticides for your crops.

It means you need to choose the pesticides that can promote growth as well as eliminate injurious insects.

You should be patient and careful when you choose pesticides from the market.

The composition of pesticides is another factor you need to pay attention to. It can help you analyze what is the effect of the pesticides.

When you identify your imported products, consider as much as you can and just remember more consideration, better choice.


3. Decide on pesticides formulation and specific packing.

After confirming your imported pesticides products, you should decide on pesticides formulation and specific packing.

#1.Pesticides formulations.

As a pesticides importer, you should know that according to processing formulations, pesticides products can be wettable powder(WP), soluble powder(SP), granular(WDG),missible oil(EC), emulsion,  emulsifiable paste and so on.

First of all, the importer should have a general idea that what kind of pesticides formulation should be imported.

#2. Packing is also very important for an importer to consider.

pesticides importer should decide how many milliliters or how much powder should be packed in one bottle or bag according to your country’s requirements or demands.

You should make sure that whether the imported products should be labeled on other brands or use the manufacturer’s label or should be blank.

If you want your products to be labeled on other brands or your own company’s brand, you need to negotiate with the exporter or manufacturer to reduce production cost as much as you can, however, the quality should be guaranteed.

Material, size, design , and contents of the label should be discussed with the exporter before you place the order to make sure that everything can be under control and the exporter can provide you satisfactory products.

If you want your products to keep the blank label, then it is much easier because you do not even need to consider things pertaining to a label.


4. Identify a pesticides supplier 

You should find a reliable pesticides supplier.

Before you decide your supplier, you should spend some time to visit a factory to see what is the condition of the manufacturer’s machines and working environment.

Also, The ability to customize is essential considering, because importers may have different requirements or needs for their pesticides products.

Work with a professional and experienced team can make you feel free from worry, so you should find a supplier who can meet the exact specification of customers.

In conclusion, you need to find a reliable company or manufacturer which can provide better service, high-quality products and can update you during the production period.

It is better to hire a company that provides a one-stop-solution for all your needs.

I know it is quite cumbersome. However, with proper research, I am quite certain that you’ll get a Chinese pesticides company with most products and good service you may need.

Some of the reasons why I insist on a company that provides a one-stop solution for all your need include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Centralized technical support
  • A possibility of discounts for bulk purchases
  • Consistency in quality
  • Reducing incompatibility issues

I am quite sure that this what everyone in the pesticides industry strives to get.


5. Always try to negotiate the right deal with a pesticides manufacturer

Before you sign a contract with the exporter, do not just take their word for it, you need to see a proof of qualification.

Remember, any company that manufactures pesticides products should conform to various industry standards.

Normally, standardization eliminates all possible incompatibility problems that may arise when exported to other regions like Africa, South Asia countries, etc.

You should negotiate pesticides price with the manufacturer appropriately. And do not be tempted by lower price. Except for price, you have more important things to consider such as quality and service.

When you establish a contract or agreement with the exporter, you need to read each term and clause carefully.

If you have any question or objection, you should point it out right away, in order to avoid future confusions.

After contract establishment  , you should know up-to-date information about your contact.

You should ask the manufacturer to update you anytime.

You should arrange payment at right time.

Your payment should be considered according to your order quantity or amount.

You need to be careful about payments, how much deposit should be paid, how much percent advance payment should be made and when should you pay off.


6. Arrange your cargo transport.

What you need to do is to find a professional cargo agent.

Most of the pesticides importers would like to choose sea transportation when they import pesticides products from China.

It is well known that there are advantages and disadvantages to maritime transportation.


  • Natural waterway.

It is not restricted by road, rail or pathway. The routes can be adjusted anytime to complete transportation.

  • Large capacity.

Loading capacity is the largest compared with any other kind of transportation like train, airplane, etc.

  • Low freight.

It is a natural waterway. Most of harbour facilities were built by the government. The unit transportation cost is rather low.


  • Limited by climate and harbour.

It needs to be sheltered from heavy rain immediately. When cargo ship reaches a port, harbour facilities can influence operation of the ship.

  • Cannot realize door to door service
  • Low speed

You need to discuss with your professional cargo agents and get the best solution from them.

It will take different time when your cargo is shipped to different countries from China. Usually, it will take 45 days to Africa and about 2 months to South America.

The importer should arrange shipment appropriately according to the need so that products you imported can reach on time.


7.How to clear customs duties

When you have no clue how to clear customs duties or you think it is troublesome for you to do it, you can find an agency which will help you solve everything pertaining to customs.

However, if you want to handle it by yourself, you need to know the following two points.

  1. ) Customs

Usually, customs duty and tax include import tariff and value-added tax.

You need to establish the exact amount of VAT or any other import duty fees which you should pay for your products. It may vary from one country to the other.

What you need to do is to check what is the relevant regulation in your country and how should it be calculated.

  1. ) Documents required for customs clearance

Get all legal documents for the pesticides import business.

First of all, you should prepare all documents required by your country’s relevant regulation for clearance of goods.

Take China,  for example, the receiver of the importer or entrusted agency should declare to customs within 14 days from the date on which the means of transport is declared for entry.

Documents like the specification for goods in Chinese, foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list, cargo manifest, bill of lading and many other bills are required.


End.Obtain your shipment

I’d like to tell you that after those efforts and complicated procedures, you finally get your imported products.

We know that the whole procedure is not easy, but you should be patient and solve it step by step.

There is a saying in China that after suffering comes happiness.

After receiving your pesticides products, you should give feedback to your exporter so that the exporter can do better if there is any problem.



Apart from these 7 tips, you need to ask as many questions as possible to seek all the necessary clarifications.

It’s through this that you’ll get a reliable and trusted pesticides supplier in China.

With this guide about how to import pesticides from China, I think you will be much easier to build your business.

Now, it’s your turn…

Do you have any questions on import pesticides or any other incoterm?

Well, feel free to contact us.