Pesticide for Whitefly : The Ultimate Guide to Whitefly Control


Defined as any organisms capable of causing injuries to plants, human and animals, the impact of pests on agricultural production can never be overstated.

Pests will reduce both the quality and quantity of farm produce, thus, frustrating the efforts of farmers in providing food for their nation and making a fortune from agricultural activities.

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Pesticide For Roses:The Complete Guide

A rose is a woody flowering plant from the Rosa genus of the rosacea family in the plantea kingdom.Roses are plants that naturally gives offsprings through insect-pollination.

There are more than 300 species of roses  around the globe and each single rose specie is different from another specie in many characters.

Roses are useful in many ways, for instance some of them bred naturally to give some of the beautiful flowers that a human eye can see.

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Systemic Herbicide: A Reliable Alternative Solution for Weed Control


According to research, the presence of weed in a crop field accounts for up to 34% of the worldwide annual production tonnage percentage lost.

In some cases, if left untreated, yield loss attributed to weed can be as high as 90%.

This implies that the impact of weeds in crop production and the general income of a farmer can never be overstated.

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Systemic Fungicide: All You Need to Know

Do you know fungicide?

Do you know systemic fungicide?

Of all the microbial diseases leading to low farm yield, and reduction in income of farmers, fungi infections alone account for 70 – 80%.

Although it is imperative to state that not all fungi are pathogenic, however, there are more pathogens from fungi compared to other microorganisms such as bacteria, virus.

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Pesticide Registration :The Ultimate Guide for Importers from China


China is the leading country when it comes to pesticide production globally.

With production set at 3.75 million tons as of 2015, China has been a critical player in the elimination of pests which attack both plants and animal.

Evidenced by its acquisition of Syngenta AG, the previous world’s leading pest manufacturer, China has made a significant impact in helping family boost their income through the use of highly effective pesticides manufactured in China.

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Biopesticide : What Are Biopesticides


Biopesticides are naturally occurring biological chemicals that kill pests to achieve a better crop yield.

The bacterium bacillus subtills which is comm Nowadays two-third of the world population is dependent on agriculture and to keep this process at the best condition we need to avoid any pests that might hurt our crops and the best solutions technology have created are the biopesticides.

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Farming Guide: 8 Types of Herbicide Every Grower Should Know

Weed management can be frustrating to many farmers as some weeds are tough to control.

Unlike cultivated crops that require a lot of nurturing to survive, weeds are fast-growing and need little nutrients to dominate the field.

If care is not taking, weeds can drastically reduce the income of the farmer by rendering the planted crop unproductive.

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Pesticide for Citrus Trees : the Complete Guide

When you take care of your citrus trees properly, they reward you with large, fleshy and appealing fruits.

And caring for the tree means providing the perfect environment right from the seedbed preparation, transplanting, to its entire life.

However, there are numerous citrus diseases and weeds you have to watch out and control. Some insects and plants are almost similar. Thus the knowledge of the correct pesticide for citrus tree is crucial.

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Plant Growth Regulators List and Examples


It’s important to know the growth pattern of different crops you have on your farm.

Such knowledge helps to understand when there are fungal infections that call for fungicides.

What if you could influence the growth pattern of a plant? Well, that’s possible. And that’s what brings us to plant growth regulators (PGR) otherwise called plant hormones.

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Systemic Insecticide: The Ultimate Guide

For many, farming is more than just a livelihood. It’s an adventure.

If you are someone who loves plants or has been doing farming or agriculture for a while, you probably already know the importance of protecting our crops from invaders.

As you know, we utilize the services of different pesticides in order to deter, incapacitate, control, or discourage pests.

Let me tell you, the overall sustainability of crops depends largely upon the use of pesticides.

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