Company Profile

SHIJIAZHUANG AWINER BIOTECH CO.,LTD is a professional agrochemical company which is engaging in agrochemical industry, specialized in Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, PGR and pest control products and supplying various of formulations: EC, SL, SC, WP, SP, WDG, EW, FS, ULV etc.

Why choose us

  1. Corporate responsibility
    It is our primary responsibility to help farmers increase crop yields
  2. Stable high quality
    Each shipment must be tested before shipment
  3. Fast Delivery
    More than 10 years pesticides export experience, perfect exporting service processes

Packing and shipping

Customzied Design
Meet the above detailed design
Excellent quality
5 layers of corrugated boxes, dust bag outside, and packing tape
Customizing various types of bottles and bags
We are your eyes in the factory

Our service

According to your needs, provide the best medication plan, if you buy the original drug, we provide formula service
Accurate and timely quotation
Strict quality testing
Guaranteed delivery time
Track and inform the shipment in time
Accept unconditional return within 15 days of arrival

How to identify a professional pesticide company

Affected by the COVID-19, more buyers will contact sellers for purchasing plans through the Internet. So how to choose better pesticide suppliers through business license in China?
1. Enterprise type: In China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), it is divided into limited companies, joint-stock companies, and group companies; Group company>joint stock company>limited company
2. Date of establishment: the earlier the company, the higher the integrity
3. Business scope: You need to know whether the company’s scope of experience includes pesticides.

According?to?Chinese?rule,?32?pesticides?can?only?be?exported?instead?sold?in?domestic such as paraquat, aluminum phosiphate, carbofuran, chlorpyrifos, dimethoate, etc.

Our government will indicate export permite of these products  on the business licence to some authorized companies.

So do not forget to check if your supplier have this permit on their licence before purchase.